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Save Families From COVID-19

Help the theatre industry survive the pandemic by providing support

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused devastation across the globe. Besides the tragic toll on human life, it has also hit businesses and economies. It has impacted the entertainment industry as well, causing it to shut production and live performances. The lives of not just the artists but also of the support staff such as ushers, backstage workers, sound and light technicians have taken a huge hit.

Theatres are unlikely to open soon as large gatherings can put people at high risk. This means that these workers who relied on per show wages and tips for their livelihood have no means to support themselves and their families, even after the lockdown is lifted.

While the film and TV fraternity have taken steps to support their daily wage workers, we at Zee Theatre want to take this initiative up for the theatre fraternity by providing them support till the virus abates and they are in employment again.

These unemployed individuals have been duly verified by GiveIndia. The whole world is suffering - and is trying to cope with huge losses. But those without any job security or savings are the most vulnerable.

Give generously to those hardest hit by COVID-19.

We thank you for your understanding and support.


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500 families still need support

The only way to stop the spread of the virus is to prevent it. Let’s come together and help India fight Coronavirus.

500 families still need support

How you can help

You can be a part of the initiative to provide a safety-net for the thousands of support staff and crew who have lost their jobs due to Coronavirus.